We’re really moving to Shanghai. How do I know this? For the past 7 days, strange men have been milling around my house packing our stuff. They put it in boxes marked “Sea”. Or “Air”. Or “Storage”. Just for fun, I let them decide where it was all going. Yippee!

Myself and my three children (13, 10 & 7) will be following my husband to Shanghai, China. I believe the correct term is “trailing spouse” but the word trailing brings to mind a vine – the kind you want to rip off your house, or spray Round-Up on. I won’t be using that term. I prefer – “Spouse who does everything in the US (while husband is in China staying at the Ritz, eating out and not having to cart three children around) who finally arrives in China, exhausted, injured, grumpy and ready for a Chinese massage.” Oh, did I forget that my husband gets Chinese massages? Because he’s in CHINA and not here in the US with me, the three children and a zillion boxes.

But, I digress. My husband is working his a@$ off in China. The working hours are long and strenuous. I can’t even imagine starting with a new business, not speaking the language and trying to decipher the cultural differences.  He’s been traveling around Asia quite a bit and getting to know the lay of the land, so to speak, before we get there. I know he has it tough, and I’m only teasing him. He’s exhausted, busy and lonely. Sigh. Poor guy. Although, he did get to stay at the Ritz. For almost 2 months. Lucky.

I’ll be backtracking occasionally – sharing my visit to Shanghai, the chaos of preparing three children for a move to China and my thoughts on what we will miss from the US.

Come along…this should be a wild ride.