Polar bears are endangered.  Because their sea ice is rapidly melting. They need ice to survive.  Look it up. I’m not lying. The internet told me so.

I feel like a polar bear. Roar. During the past two weeks, my sea ice has gotten smaller and smaller. If it weren’t for other polar bears (you bears know who you are) I would never have survived this time. As of now, my ice is gone and we’re hanging on by a paw…with 4 pieces of luggage, 8 boxes, a jar of mayonnaise (still unclaimed) numerous stuffed animals, passports and lots of love from our friends. Our dear friends – old and new –  have given of their homes, food, driving, time, patience and physical strength (husband bears, you know who you are!). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s time to move to a new area. This polar bear family will be back. Back on home ice. When the seasons turn and it’s time to come home.