One of the biggest adjustments I’m having to make right now is the lack of car. As most of you know, we have a driver. His name is Jason, and he is my only mode of transportation other than my own feet. Since it’s been over 100 degrees every day, feet are not an option right now. I admit, I was excited by the prospect of NOT driving anymore. I spent the majority of my life in Ohio driving people all over town. I was looking forward to not driving. Now, I kind of miss my freedom. Don’t get me wrong, Jason will bring me wherever I need to go. He drives my husband to work each morning, then returns to me if I need him. So, he takes me to the grocery store etc. Nice, right? I guess…but sometimes a girl just wants to hop in the car and run to Target. Or Carrefour. Or anywhere. Maybe I should get a scooter.

My husband bought a scooter, it’s big and black. The Harley Davidson of scooters.  I have not driven it yet. I think it’s too big for me to handle – and I’ll admit, I’m a little scared of it.  He did take me to the grocery store the other day. On the scooter. Which was quite freeing! We picked up a few things without really thinking through the logistics. After checking out, we realized our mistake. We shoved most items into his backpack, placed the case of iced tea at his feet and I “wore” the 40 hangers on my arms. Like bracelets. The colander? On my head, of course.